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Healthcare LEAN Approach



Upon completion of this Workshop, the participants will be able:

  1. To identify the customer, customer needs and actual value for customers?
  2. To determine the concept of process mapping and how this help to improve processes
  3. To master the eights steps model for healthcare kaizen implementation
  4. To enable trainees to see the waste in operations
  5. To provide tools that can fit in healthcare settings and improve dramatically workflow
  6. To learn how to address lean culture
  7. To learn how to assemble the right team and how to manage results-oriented improvement projects
  8. To develop a safer and visual management system
  9. To gain proficiency in selection and implementation of lean kaizen tools and metrics (5s – Value stream mapping, process mapping, takt time, kaizen events, etc.)
  10. To foster holding the gains of performance improvement.


Topics to be covered

Healthcare Lean Kaizen (Roots, Waste, Cost & True Value)


Eight Steps Model of Lean Kaizen: Framework for value-based improvement



5S Workshop


GEMBA Walks: How to Conduct?


Process Mapping: Investigation tools that Work



Lean Metrics & Lean Tool Box for waste reduction


Value Stream Mapping Workshop



Project Board initiation and maintenance


Everyday Use of Kaizen and Kaizen Events


Model Implementation Roadmap: What to do and What not to do?



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